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5 Ways To Transform Your Indoor Space

A white plant pot with a plant inside, on a table.

Your environment can impact how you feel; in some ways, your living space reflects your personality. There are big changes that you can make to transform your space such as rearranging furniture, painting and decorating, changing fixtures and fittings or upgrading your furniture. You can also add small items to accessorise your space and add a personal touch with unique items that reflect your style. Let’s explore 5 ways to transform your indoor space with little things:


I love a good blanket especially electric blankets in the winter to keep me warm. They create a feeling of comfort and relaxation. I also love how they can transform an indoor space. I have a dusky pink one on my bed which coordinates with my pink wall, and it really brings warmth and comfort to my bedroom. There are other soft furnishings that you can use like rugs and curtains.

Decorative Cushions

Also known as throw pillows, decorative cushions are a great way to accessorise your furniture in a way that reflects your personality and style. Another benefit is that they are psychologically comforting so having cushions around supports your mental health and wellbeing. Whether you choose a colour to complement or contrast your existing décor, you can guarantee that they will transform your indoor space.

Photo frames

Photo frames and gallery walls are a great way to transform your space as they add a visual focal point in a way that is uniquely yours. You can get photo frames to coordinate with your current décor or contrast your space. You can then use personal photos to tell your story which in turn can make your space more engaging. They are also a great way of reminding us of special moments and create positive feelings within us which serves our wellbeing.


Candles are another great way to transform your indoor space. Lighting aromatherapy candles that contain essential oils can change the ambience of a room particularly for a bath, meditation or before bed. They are also great for calming the mind. For example, lavender aromatherapy candles have great properties like helping with sleep, helping with relaxation and mood lifting. Lighting candles especially in the evening is good for winding down and helps your natural sleep rhythm.


Plants are great for your space because they add a natural feel. They are also good for your wellbeing as they improve the air quality in your home. If you are a plant killer like me there are some low maintenance plants that you can have in your home that you don’t need to give a lot of attention to. My personal favourites are cacti, aloe vera (you can use the extract from the leaves in your skincare routine), spider plants and money plants.

Transforming your indoor space is an opportunity to express your personality through your home. We have scented candles and a brand-new range of scented decorative cushions handmade with love and they are the perfect addition to any home, available in four colours. Our unique, aromatic heart-shaped cushions are filled with fresh lavender or dried rose petals for a calming scent that supports your mindfulness. Visit to find out more.

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